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At World of Retail Services (WRS), we offer a complete and comprehensive range of services to meet all your retail installation and refurbishment needs in the UK, USA and Germany. 

Our company is distinguished by its vast experience and unwavering dedication to every project we undertake. We know that renovating a commercial space is not only an investment in your infrastructure, but also in the customer experience and the performance of your business. That is why we pride ourselves in providing highly efficient project management that translates into satisfying results for our clients.

Achieve a greater impact on your customers with a complete overhaul of your shop! 

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Building Success

Turnkey Retail Installation Projects

Our highly experienced team specialises in turnkey retail installation projects, including shop-in-shop installations and displays. If you are looking for a complete renovation of your local shop, we are your best choice!

We work with renowned international brands and agencies from a variety of sectors, although we are particularly strong in the areas of consumer electronics, fashion, luxury goods and health and beauty.

Our services

Comprehensive Retail Refurbishment Solutions

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Turnkey Retail Installation Project Management

Our end-to-end project management ensures seamless execution and timely delivery of your retail installations. We handle everything from planning and coordination to on-site implementation, ensuring your project's success.
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Display and Shop-in-Shop Installations

We create captivating, engaging and functional display installations that showcase your products and attract customers. Our expertise in shop-in-shop installations helps you optimize space and create unique brand experiences within existing retail environments.
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POS and Technology Systems Installation

Our skilled technicians handle the installation of point of sale (POS) systems and technology, ensuring smooth operations and seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. We ensure that your POS systems are set up efficiently and effectively.
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Custom Store Furniture and Fixture Design and Manufacturing

We offer bespoke store furniture and fixture design services to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team brings your vision to life, delivering high-quality and functional store furniture and accessories that enhance your brand's image.
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Retail Merchandising and Visual Merchandising Strategies

Our retail merchandising services help you create engaging and visually appealing displays that captivate customers and drive sales. We leverage our expertise in visual merchandising strategies to enhance the customer experience and maximize product visibility.
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Professional Electrical Installation and Wiring

Our skilled electricians handle professional electrical installations and wiring, ensuring compliance with safety standards and seamless integration of lighting and other electrical components. We create efficient and reliable electrical systems that support your retail environment.
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Logistics and Equipment/Furniture Storage

We provide comprehensive logistics and storage solutions for your equipment and furniture needs. Our well-organized logistics network ensures timely delivery and safe storage of your assets, minimizing disruptions to your retail operations.
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Maintenance and Technical Support Services

Our maintenance services offer proactive support and regular maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of your retail installations. Our skilled technicians are available for emergency repairs and ongoing technical support, minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.
About us

Our Global Reach as Shopfitters

WRS is primarily based in Europe with 3 central hubs in Germany, UK and Spain in addition to our Boston HQ for North America. However, our network of local partners now spans the entire globe including Asia and the Middle East. With our locally picked skilled professionals we can easily manage multi-national retail installation projects anywhere you need us.

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Success Stories

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Satisfied Partners

Satisfied World of Retail Services Clients

At World of Retail Services, we take great pride in serving clients from many various industry sectors including consumer electronics, fashion, luxury goods and health & beauty. Our clients, who are leaders in their respective fields, have been relying on us for comprehensive shop refurbishment for years because of our commitment to quality, competence and experience.We always strive to overachieve on their expectations of technical requirements and pre- agreed timelines.

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Some Cases Studies

Shop Refurbishment Success Stories

Discover our successful projects in different retail sectors:


Results and Impact

In each success story, we faced unique challenges and implemented bespoke solutions, resulting in tangible outcomes for our clients:


Client Showcase

Here are some visuals showcasing our successful projects:


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“WRS have proved to be a great retail services partner for us, there is an excellent chemistry between our teams and I would strongly recommend them to anyone in retail shopfitting”.


Project Overview:

Additional Services:

“We were facing the challenge of managing a product recall rapidly yet smoothly, and only planned to commission WRS with replacing some audio systems. WRS put forward interesting suggestions which today has resulted in using an additional service portal provided by WRS for some of our customers. The portal helps to automate and simplify a large number of processes. This is very good for our customers. WRS offers more than mere maintenance and repair services and has taken over many of our responsibilities in this area”.


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