Retail Site Survey and Auditing


Detailed and factually correct information about conditions on site is vital for optimum decision making from the early planning stage on. Planning a revamp of your POS? Or need an update on the local conditions? We are your eyes and ears on the ground and support you with everything you need.

Our architect partners carry out site surveys on your behalf and gather all the information and data you need, from the location of radiators and visible piping to floor and ceiling structure and features, as well as power sockets and light switches. Our detailed report tells you what you need to know and can also include photographs, sketches and CAD drawings. Failing to plan means planning to fail.

We also liaise with facility managers on site to establish specific local conditions which may influence the pace and timing of the work. 

How we work


Cover all the bases before you start. Get detailed measurements and dimensions, know where the lifts and staircases are in relation to your installation and find out the best time to do the work.
We make sure everything is in place when the installation team arrives.


Thorough advance planning helps to avoid unnecessary snags and delays.
A site survey is the first step towards project completion to schedule.


Site survey and planning saves costs. No more wasted journeys to retrieve forgotten items or correct mistakes. Get it right first time.


Plan your retail installation in the context of its surroundings. Make the best use of available lines of sight and make your products stand out from the crowd.


Get a real feel for your POS before actual work starts. Why not take a tour of a virtual reality simulation of your finished retail installation at the beginning of the planning phase?

The Pieces of the Jigsaw

WRS Site Survey & Auditing skills

On-Site Measurement

Detailed measurement of the length, width and height of your retail installation site down to the last millimetre. What about the floor? Are there steps or raised platforms to consider? Do the colour and flooring material fit in with your design? Are there service shafts or other technical installations nearby? Pillars or heating and ventilation ducts can have a significant impact on the fitting and final effect of a point of sale.

POS Environment

We do more than measure the surroundings of your future point of sale with a yard stick. We also consider which brands are located nearby and how to optimise customer pathways and sight lines to your own point of sale. Use this information to stand out from the crowd and attract the most customers wherever you are in the shop. We put you in the spotlight.

Delivery Conditions

Physical barriers and other delivery restrictions can cause significant delays to the rollout of your shop in shop installation. That is why we thoroughly investigate opening hours, delivery conditions and possible time slots as well as accessibility. Is there a goods lift? Is it big enough for your larger items or will individual components have to be assembled on site? We will find it all out in advance.

On-Site Contact

We liaise with a representative from the overall retail site to coordinate the project rollout. Having a specific contact on site makes communication and all aspects of the work much easier, helping to iron out any problems and generally speeding up the process. Constant repetition is avoided, and smooth workflow makes sure that all parties involved are happy with the final outcome.

DWG Drawings

We convert the measurements taken on site into computer-aided drawings. These will be made available to you in DWG-format for further planning purposes. Set up your retail installation to make the best use of the space available. Do your standard elements fit? Or is it necessary to adapt and modify your furniture and fittings to suit the surroundings? Find out before you start.

Digital Site Scan

WRS offers state of the art laser scanning services which capture the shop surroundings millimetre by millimetre. The data obtained forms the basis for a virtual reality simulation of the finished shop in shop installation. This means you can take a virtual walk around your final point of sale before the work has actually started to make sure everything is as it should be – avoiding unnecessary duplication of work and wasted journeys.

3D POS Rendering

We can show your future shop in shop as a three-dimensional representation which includes the shop fittings and furniture. Based on the data from the site survey in combination with the 3D data from displays and different furniture elements, we can provide you with an interactive planning tool. The different elements can be moved around until you see that everything is just where you want it.

Virtual POS Reality

We can take your plans and drawings a step further and create near-life virtual reality scenarios which you can visit and experience just like you would your future POS. This goes beyond a mere first impression of your shop and enables you to explore it in depth right at the beginning from the point of view of your future customers. Shape the customer experience from the inside.

For Solutions?

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Tell us what you need, we are just a phone call away. From a single display to complete retail installations at multiple sites throughout the world – we are here to help.

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