Retail Shop Equipment


Through our extensive network of expert partners and suppliers we can procure everything you need for your shop – from shelving to lamps to smart analytics sensor systems. Are you looking for quick and easy solutions for your standard shop furniture and fittings? And maybe also some customised eye-catching items to give your point of sale that special individual touch?

Value for money does not always mean the cheapest option. Working with our partners, we help you to find durable products that best suit your needs. Our consistent focus on quality helps reduce maintenance and repair costs. We believe in sustainability. And we ensure that the components of your store equipment are replaceable and still easily available after many years.

You work hard every day and so does your equipment. We can take care of your regular maintenance and we also offer an emergency repair service. 

Spot on

Smart Retail Lighting

Smart retail lighting is more than just illumination. The latest LED lighting units include sensors which help you measure footfall, customer pathways and dwell times, providing you with meaningful insights into customer preferences and behaviour.


The price tag is not the whole story, as short product lifetime can be a major cost and environmental factor. We keep a close eye on the cost-benefit ratio of your LED and sensor equipment. So you get the most out of your investment whilst minimising your carbon footprint.


Only carefully chosen components can provide a smart and efficient LED lighting solution. Clever design leads to low energy consumption and a cost-effective installation which runs economically over many years. So your lighting never lets you down.


We at WRS only install lighting components with at least a five-year warranty. Our selection criteria include operational lifetime and the greatest possible number of switching cycles. The lamps we select are easy to maintain, and key components like LED chips and drivers are always replaceable.


Cutting edge LED chips and lamps enable your desired lighting scenario. Using state of the art materials and technologies it is possible to create an exciting backdrop which reflects and spotlights the nature of your products. Let us bring your own unique lighting and lamp designs to life.


Our LED lights are smarter than ever. Sensor-based intelligent lighting control can produce any effect and can even be related to ambient light and weather. Wi-Fi, BLE and mesh networks can also be included for indoor navigation, location-based advertising and customer heatmapping.

Retail Lighting by World of Retail Services



Moving pictures catch customer attention like nothing else. We can advise you on the most suitable format for your purpose and retail site conditions.
Get all your digital signage from a single reliable source.


Small monitors for detailed content or giant screens for maximum impact – a picture is worth a thousand words.


We use high-quality brand equipment whose components offer long-term availability should the need for replacement arise.


Our hardware is extremely robust and works reliably over many operating hours, trouble free and at minimum cost.


New content can be uploaded when needed and faults diagnosed remotely with minimum intervention on site.

People Counting



We offer the next generation of people counting and tracking cameras with advanced capabilities. They provide the highest accuracy and video processing resolution on the market – combining all the latest solutions and state-of-the-art features into the thinnest people counting and tracking sensor in the world.

Integrate advanced sensor technology in your retail fixtures and fittings to know which products are flying off the shelf. World of Retail Services provides and installs all the latest customer analysis sensing and processing technology, including the sensor hubs. Access your sensor data on our cloud-based platform to keep in touch with the bestsellers at each of your points of sale.

World of RetailServices Shelving Partner EasyFill


We use EasyFill shelving systems with intelligent features which help to optimise sales and promote efficiency. This means considerably less waste and therefore lower costs.

EasyFill offers three patented types of rotatable shelving systems that greatly reduce the time and effort needed for refilling and facing. The shelves are available both as refrigerated and non-refrigerated versions, and have been tried and tested in the retail sector over many years by leading food and beverage brands.

These systems lead the development of smart first in – first out shelving solutions suitable for food retail applications everywhere in the world.

In its annual “Too good for the bin” competition, the German Food and Agriculture Ministry named the EasyFill shelving system as the winner of the retail category in 2020. This competition aims to find new ways of reducing food waste throughout the food chain, all the way from farm and factory to table. 

“Too good for the bin”

With the Too Good for the Bin! - Federal Award, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) honours outstanding projects and their initiators that contribute to reducing food waste with their concrete ideas, pioneering spirit and great commitment.

The award goes to projects from the most diverse areas along the entire food supply chain: from production and trade to the processing of food in restaurants and private households.

The competition is open to everyone: no matter whether it is a company, a restaurant, a farm, a scientific institution, a private person, an NGO, a municipality or an initiative - everyone can take part!

The national prize is awarded to one project from each of the five categories: agriculture & production, trade, gastronomy, society & education and digitalisation. In addition, there are promotional prizes worth a total of 15,000 euros for concepts and projects in the start-up or development phase.

Zu gut für die Tonne Award für EasyFill



Analytics Equipment and Software

We at World of Retail Services specialise in installing state of the art customer analytics equipment and the software to go with it. We work with all the leading brands in the sector to create durable und reliable systems.

Indoor Navigation Hardware

Point your customers in the right direction. Use indoor navigation to provide information about the product in front of them and push relevant content and special offers directly to their smart devices in real time.

EasyFill Shelving Systems

Get the latest smart food retail shelving systems and cut refilling times and waste by as much as 40 percent. Do you sell perishable products? Make sure they never again pass the use-by date while still on the shelf.

Location-Based Advertising

Know where your customers are and help them find what they want. Location-based advertising means you can provide useful information and promote your special offers at the right place and at the right time.

Displays and Screens

We supply and install long-lasting, reliable digital signage screens that are hassle-free and easy to operate and maintain remotely. We make sure that all the necessary components are quickly available and replaceable even after years.

Retail Lighting

We create your smart ceiling with a network of the latest LED lighting systems, integrated cameras and sensor devices. Achieve customised lighting effects and manage your customer analytics all through the same system.

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