Retail Merchandising


We at World of Retail Services have many years of experience in supporting major retailers with their sales and store development programs. Our local network partners have been thoroughly trained in all the important aspects of retail merchandising. They are experts in the field of product arrangement and are eager to meet all your requirements. We always go the extra mile.

The teams on the ground are led by experienced team leaders who interface with your own personnel and give clear instructions throughout the project.

We work in all retail environments, including food, consumer electronics, fashion, DIY and also health and beauty. Our teams are flexible and are available throughout the entire EMEA region to ensure that your retail merchandising and store development requirements are met. We understand the complex nature of retail merchandising projects, and we also know how important it is to achieve the fastest possible return on investment. 



Smartphones, tablets and computers and their operating systems and applications are subject to constant development. Customers expect to try before they buy, as they want to be sure that all their needs and expectations will be met.

This particularly applies to products from the premium audio sector and to leisure electronics.

Customers will only see the benefits of your products if they are in perfect condition and run on the latest version of the operating system. We keep an eye on the status of the software on your demo devices, and continually update it. So you can always be sure that your products are state of the art and presented to the best advantage. 



We at World of Retail Services are proud of our many years of experience in health and beauty merchandising. We evolve with the market, always keeping pace with the latest trends and developments.

In-store health and beauty displays require a specialist approach due to the delicate nature of the products. Our teams of dedicated experts have a trained eye for detail and a passion for effective product presentation, and they work exclusively with projects in this demanding sector.

Refresh your POS – from introduction of new products to seasonal updates and complete installations, and from restocks to refits: WRS is your partner for health and beauty merchandising. Wherever you need us.

We also perform compliance checks and inventory audits. With our advanced intelligent reporting system you are always in control – in the office, on your tablet or on your phone. 

All Pieces of the Jigsaw


Merchandising Services

Opening a new point of sale? Or closing one down? Changing your display to suit the seasons? We at World of Retail Services offer all the support you need – from racking and gondola installation or disassembly, to equipment management and product replacement based on category range reviews and planograms.

Consumer Electronics Merchandising

We put your consumer electronic products on display so your customers can experience them for themselves. We are the experts when it comes to installing demo devices and demo software. So your customers know how it would feel to actually own the device and put it to use as they would for work or at home.

Beauty Merchandising

Beauty products have to sparkle on the shelf. We take care of all your remerchandising programs, seasonal campaigns and promotional displays. Planning to replace all your window displays overnight? Or do you need someone to come in regularly for deep clean and maintenance? Just get in touch.

In-Store Product Updates

We at World of Retail Services can update your current point of sale products before you know it. Rollout of new in-store display concepts can easily be scaled up to hundreds of sites. We can meet the deadlines for your marketing campaigns and have all your stores up and running again at the same time.

Off-Site Product Updates

You can have your POS display fittings delivered to one of our facilities where they will be filled with your latest products. This scalable service is available on a decentralised basis. We also use it to offer employment to those with learning disabilities, making a valuable contribution to the local community.

Installing Demo Content

For products to be attractive to customers, they must allow a user experience which is as close to reality as possible. Well thought through demo software brings your devices to life, increasing customer involvement and boosting your sales figures. Our World of Retail Services experts will help you with installation and updates.

Alarming Systems

Securing your products against theft and damage is essential, but should not interfere with the customer experience at the point of sale. We are qualified to install all the anti-theft systems generally found on the market. World of Retail Services is your expert partner when it comes to product security and alarm systems.

For Solutions?

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Tell us what you need, we are just a phone call away. From a single display to complete retail installations at multiple sites throughout the world – we are here to help.

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