RETAIL 4.0 – Connected Retail


World of Retail Services puts your Retail 4.0 applications ahead of the game. We have always made a point of staying at the forefront of digital technology and we offer ground-breaking customised digital retail products to enhance your market presence and encourage customer loyalty.

There is never just one solution. The possibilities are endless – starting from digital screens with static content up to digital tools that can analyse customer behaviour at the point of sale. This allows you to learn more about your prospective shoppers in the physical world without the need for human sales assistants. The analysis can also include demographic and other data which can then be used to personalise the content displayed on the screen.

Digital sales assistants at your shop in shop display or retail installation allow customer interaction, asking targeted questions which lead the customer to the ideal product from your range. And what if that product is momentarily not available at this particular point of sale? We can integrate the in-store terminals with your online shop or the online shop of the store operator. Phygital points of sale enable a fusion between the physical world in the shop and the digital world at home. This, we call connected retail.



Together with our clients we at World of Retail Services have been successfully developing and implementing interactive content presentation solutions. Through the use of advanced sensor technology, we are now able to observe and analyse customer demographics and behaviour right at the physical point of sale.

This information allows you to respond to potential purchasers in targeted way and present them with personalised content. Your customers are addressed personally and receive the right information about the product they have just taken from the shelf. There is no better way of guiding your customers through the purchasing process. The content is managed centrally and relayed via our 4k media players. And it gets even better. Now we can offer you the same algorithms for physical points of sale as are already used to monitor success in online shops. 

Measure the results of your activities today and take better decisions tomorrow. 

Demographic Analytics with WRS CCTV Systems


Use the latest digital analysis systems to find out more about your main customer base and target your offering so you can serve them best, providing just what they need.

World of Retail Services can scan mood from faces


These advanced analysis tools are even capable of capturing the mood of your customers. Get to know your customers like never before and create an inspiring atmosphere.

World of Retail Services Eye-Tracking Technology


Which products are your customers looking at? Which do they even take off the shelf – and which are then put back? Digital systems can give you an objective answer.

WRS Analytics Tools helps making right decisions


Making the right decision is easier with the right information. Retail 4.0 brings digital customer analysis into your physical point of sale. So your decisions are always fact based and data driven.



Get the perfect signage solution and attract more customers to your POS. We provide and install the highest-quality digital products – including LED screens, interactive showcases, 4K HDR players and more.


World of Retail Services uses all the latest screen technologies for retail installation projects, including HDR, OLED and LED screens, stand-alone digital displays, kiosk installations, FOS, menu boards and billboards. Wow your customers with the brightest and the best. Any technology. Any size. Any purpose.

Camera Systems

We provide the next-generation of people-counting and tracking cameras with all their advanced capabilities. They offer the highest accuracy and video processing resolution on the market, combining all the top solutions and latest state of the art features into the slimmest and most discreet people-counting and tracking sensor in the world.


Integrate advanced sensor technology in your retail fixtures and fittings to know which products are flying off the shelf. World of Retail Services provides and installs all the latest customer analysis sensing and processing technology, including the sensor hubs. Access your sensor data on our cloud-based platform to keep in touch with the bestsellers at each of your points of sale.


Get ahead of the pack – only a minority of retailers are currently using digital signage in store. Display your content with true 4K resolution, there is no need for upscaling. Our media player features built-in wireless quad-core processing and runs on Android. The exterior of the player is streamlined and can be designed in your corporate colours whilst still only costing one third as much as other commercially available media players.

Reliable Hardware by World of Retail Services

Smart Digital Signage

This is the future of in-store signage. Smart screens interact with the customer based on the latest trigger technology, including hand gestures, PIR sensors, pressure pads and more, enhancing the customer experience and bringing your products to life.

Studies show that nearly half of all shoppers will buy more if they are presented with personalised content.(Source: Medallion Retail)



Draw your customers in with outstanding, high-resolution content from our World of Retail Services digital signage experts.

Our projects


We at World of Retail Services fully understand your requirements and specifications for digital signage. Our specialist team produces stunning content for high-resolution screens that will amaze and inspire your customers.

Our projects


Animated content is scientifically proven to capture 400% more views than static signage. Convert static artwork into dynamic moving pictures with your targeted message to fascinate your customers and keep them with you.

Our projects


Animation layers are used to blend, lock or mute multiple levels of animation. We can create and edit layers easily to animate and customise your content to a specific situation. Let your imagination run free. We bring those screens to life!

Our projects

Content Licensing

We help you to obtain and manage content licenses so you can show all the latest films, series, sports and gaming events on your 4k UHD and HDR media players. Manage all your licenses in one place on our cloud-based platform.


Use sensing and triggering technology to play personalised content based on ad-hoc analysis – as soon as your customer looks your way.



People-Counting Video Systems

Always know how many people walk past and how many come into your POS. Optimise staff allocation and marketing strategies and send your profits through the roof. We work with the industry-leadingUltima AI system, featuring 3D active stereo vision technology which generates many different data sets to drive your results.

Video Zone Analytics

The Zone Analytics system supports customer engagement by optimising the pathway to purchase. Such customer tracking in store improves your market effectiveness and allows you to measure success – or delist unattractive products. Using a unique algorithm and an unobtrusive  lens device, Zone Analytics provides up to 99.9% accuracy.

Customer Heat Mapping

Heat maps can increase sales between 4% and 15% by identifying hot and cold spots in your point of sale. Shoppers are tracked anonymously by video systems and/or Smart LED lighting and their activities are summarised in detailed and easy to understand heat map reports. So you can learn more about the effectiveness of your merchandising.

Location Based Advertising

The latest mesh network solutions, which are operated through LED lighting systems, for example, allow you to locate a potential customer within a given area to a few centimetres of accuracy. If the visitor uses specific apps on his smartphone (for example, customer loyalty programs, apps for museum exhibitions), you can now send tailored content directly to his mobile.

Queue Management

See how long your customers have been waiting at the checkout and manage queues to improve the shopping experience. The Queue Management solution accurately measures the number of waiting customers in real time and lets you measure, analyse and optimise your speed of service to keep them happy – so they stay and don’t stray.

Demographic Analysis

Adapt your digital signage and in-store marketing campaigns based on the age and gender of your customers. Organise your store layout to turn browsers into buyers. Make sure your merchandising appeals to the people who visit your point of sale and keep your stocks up to date with the needs of your diverse customer base. And then watch your business grow.

Smart LED Lighting

We provide lighting solutions that can be used both inside and outside the store. Our specialist retail lighting suppliers enable us to deliver all lighting applications based the most advanced technology whilst making use of existing LED investments. LED is your energy and cost saving solution for a smart and environmentally friendly point of sale.

Combining LED and IoT, a sophisticated control system and a sensor mesh network creates the ideal digital environment for retail analytics. The latest edge computing technology makes it possible to analyse data right at the source in your point of sale, giving you real time insights into customer movements and activities to guide your marketing decisions.

Digital Signage

Digital signage consists of advertising and information systems, including large-scale projections, electronic billboards and in-store marketing displays. The content is much more dynamic than is possible using conventional advertising methods and can be managed centrally on our cloud application. Change any number of signs at any number of locations at the click of a button.

Smart Digital Signage

Smart digital signs offer an interactive experience to the viewer, using sensor technology to respond to input. Images and displays triggered by hand gestures, pressure pads and other signals open up a completely new world to the customer and bring your products to life. This high level of personalisation helps to boost your sales.

Digital Sales Advisor

Guide your customers to the products which perfectly match their needs. Digital sales advisors ask just the right questions that help your customers learn what exactly they want. They can make a purchasing decision in their own time and even interrupt the conversation to come back later and take up where they left off.

Cloud Content Management and Reporting

Our Cloud CMS system means you can change the content of your digital displays simply from your office chair – and measure its impact. You can control any content on any of your screens thanks to the advanced content management features so that it responds more effectively and can be targeted more precisely. Display your content automatically to suit the particular location and even the weather.

Content Server

Benefit from our World of Retail Services cloud-based platform to manage your digital signage remotely. Access your content and data in real time, from any location and on any device, and manage APKs simply and seamlessly. Notifications can be sent at the touch of a button. We also offer dedicated content servers if required.

Data Integration

Add reporting, analytics, interactivity and actionable intelligence to your screen systems and gain vital insights for fact-driven solutions. Integrating software capabilities into your digital signage allows you to test, measure, optimise and deliver data-driven contextual content to your customers – while still respecting their privacy.

Networking with your Online Shop

The store of the future is digitally integrated. Thanks to state of the art systems, bricks and mortar retailers can successfully roll out an online shop, thus expanding their offering. World of Retail Services offers the necessary know-how through their network of partners who specialise in the development and implementation of your phygital point of sale projects.

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