Our Promise

We won’t stop until you are happy. At your side wherever you are and wherever you are going.

Our shopfitting services are the catalyst for your global retail installation needs.
We work hard every day so you can achieve your goals. We give you global shopfitting solutions from local roots.

Fair and Respectful Business Practice

Fairness and respect are core values of our business – good for our partners and for our customers. We don’t promise everything, but we deliver what we promise.

Global Locals

Tell us about your project, and we will find a team of local shopfitting professionals. We manage your sites all over the world, giving you one single point of contact for everything you need.

Doing the right things right

We do the right things to get the job done. So you get value for money, no matter how complex your project. Our “local global” concept means efficient and effective service – right on time.

Flexible and Adaptable

As individual as you are. We provide a range of solutions to adapt to your theme. For specialised projects we also offer tailored solutions so your idea can become reality.

We never stop evolving

Our world keeps on turning. Your market never stands still and neither do we. We follow the latest trends to suit your business. Continual improvement helps us all to thrive.

Training Academy

We are creative and have in-depth experience from our many projects over the years. We are always open to new ideas and best practice – for the benefit of all our local partners and our customers.

Our Retail Business Promise

We are The catalyst

Our values are not just theory – we put them into practice every day. They are the bedrock of our business. Integrity and honesty are the compass that guides us in our daily work. We don’t promise everything, but we deliver what we promise. We never walk away from a job until it’s done. Nobody is perfect, but we make sure the final result is.

We offer a global service in cooperation with local partners who are close to you, both geographically and in the way you do business. Every project is special, and we have solutions ready to adapt to your own store installation.

What you get is both tried and tested and specific to you. All ready for use in record time.

We grow people and businesses. Our networked approach means you get all you need from one single source. It also allows our partners on site to thrive and build long-term local relationships.

Let your business take wing with established yet unique solutions that create value within communities.

Vision of World of Retail Services GmbH

Our Vision

Professional retail project management for outstanding point of sale solutions that exceed your expectations on every level.

Mission of World of Retail Services GmbH


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all we do. Our focus is on reliable, flexible and efficient service in all our activities.

Respect and Fairness

Respect and fairness are part of our corporate culture, but they go beyond our own front door. Our approach of serving customers globally with local network partners saves you costs, and less travel means fewer emissions. We work at eye level with our partners and help you create value within the community by paying fair living wages and supporting the local economy.

We're local everywhere

Our business model is to work with local partners all over the world who know conditions on the ground best. We have already built a complex network of qualified professionals over the years, so you don’t have to. Let us pave the way for your expansion into the global market. Our partners speak the local language – and we speak yours. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and ensures a smooth project flow.


We don’t leave anything undone. We see you through even the most complex parts of your project – no matter what the conditions on the ground. Our experienced professionals find a solution to any problem. They are experts at thinking outside the box to get the box just right. We are there whenever you need us. No matter where you are going in the world – we offer the same level of quality and reliability. We organise your project so you don’t have to.

Evolving Company

Your market never stands still and neither do we. As your business evolves, we evolve with you, adapting to new trends and demands in your market, keeping abreast of regulatory changes and always taking advantage of technical innovations that make shopfitting more time and cost effective. Every installation is unique. We analyse your specific requirements to ensure efficient and smooth implementation. We never stop evolving.


Thanks to our global network of professional shopfitters, we are always flexible and ready to adapt at short notice. Upscaling from one to one thousand? Need to change direction halfway? We are right beside you with a solution. Simply let us know what you need, we’ll solve your problem so you don’t have to. We love your challenges – just leave them with us.

Retail Academy

Our local network partners are experienced professionals, handpicked to suit your project. In our WRS Academy we also brief and train our teams so they are always on top of the latest developments and trends. We produce our own training videos in our in-house facilities to ensure a consistent standard of work across the globe. We aim at continual improvement – for ourselves, our partners and our customers. The learning never ends.

As simple as possible – but we don’t cut corners

We take the direct route and set our sights on getting you the best value for money. Rapid and straightforward solutions come together with quality workmanship for a result that will sweep you off your feet. Our broad range of off-the-shelf solutions can be adapted to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Or together with you we develop something completely new and unique which is still practical and can be rolled out at multiple sites.

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