How would it be if shoppers could enter a space to experience your brand with all their senses? That’s where pop-up shops come in. They offer an exciting environment with the chance to get hands-on with your products.

If you want to set up these temporary points of sale, World of Retail Services is exactly the partner you need. Pop-up shops are a great way of presenting brands at product launches, sales and other events or as a pilot for an online retailer making the move to the high street. Catch the attention of your target customers with unexpected events in unique locations.

Our expert installation services guarantee trouble-free setup and dismantling – whether your store is in place for several days or just a few hours. Our trained local network partners take care of all the hard work on the ground wherever you are setting up shop.

Digital Management

Exclusive Benefits

The components of your shop can be kept in one of our warehouses before and after the events. There, they are inspected, repaired if necessary, and then booked into our management system, where you can check the whereabouts of your items at any time via your personal account. You can see what is in storage and also what is currently in use, where and for how long.

Our efficient resource planning tool helps you to organise future events, withdraw the necessary material from the warehouse and order the installations – all on one platform.

We make it Possible

The purpose of a pop-up shop is to create a closer bond with your target group. WRS paves the way for a truly unforgettable shopping experience and successful interaction with your customers. This close contact encourages customers to recommend your brand, return to you, and remember you even when you are no longer physically present.

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Pop-up Store Design Services

Pop-up stores are the gems of the retail trade – they have to be just perfect. As the space is very compact, customers experience the installations right up close. Every square inch counts. World of Retail Services is your partner when it comes to attention to detail. We work with you to build the perfect setting for your brand. So your products can sparkle in the spotlight.

Displays and Furniture Manufacturing

Bespoke shop fittings make you stand out from the crowd. Our network of expert manufacturers can work with any material you like, from the traditional to the most modern. We can provide everything from a single pop-up store to multi-site rollouts at top quality and without breaking the bank. We always keep to your budget – so you have peace of mind.

Pop-up Installation Services

We’ve been and gone before you know it. Rapid and discreet work combined with great attention to detail makes World of Retail Services special. Perhaps you are planning your campaign in a shopping mall, a department store or another area with a high level of visitor traffic. We won’t make a nuisance of ourselves. Our local network partners are by your side wherever you need them.

Pop-up Material Storage

After the event is before the event. So we dismantle and store your pop-up shop components carefully for the next time. We inspect them for damage, completeness and safety while they are not in use. Any necessary repairs are completed in time for the next event. And if any individual part is beyond repair, we replace it so you won’t notice the difference.

Digital Warehousing

All pop-up shop and event materials and components are booked into our digital management system. The amount of data available to you can be adapted to your individual needs and requirements. Wouldn’t it be great to know which campaigns were top and which ones were a flop? Or when an asset has paid for itself? All this is within reach, thanks to our tailored digital services.

Ordering System

The World of Retail Services software considers your pop-up shop materials and components as valuable resources. Use the system to plan which items you need for future events and order the installation of your pop-up store from WRS at the same time. If you want to use installation services of other providers, a separate user account can be included for them.

For Solutions?

Just get in touch

Tell us what you need, we are just a phone call away. From a single display to complete retail installations at multiple sites throughout the world – we are here to help.

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