The world record for a pit stop is in less than two seconds and that does not happen because each individual works fast, but because the entire team acts together with maximum precision.This is the result of careful preparation, detailed planning, well-established routines and ongoing optimisation.

Of course a POS project is not done in a matter of seconds, but we realise your retail installation project in record time thanks to optimum preparation and perfect organisation. We specialise in offering turn-key solutions for your point of sale that exceed your expectations on every level. Our dedicated project teams provide all the services you need from a single source, integrating the experienced local partners needed for every step in the process.

Using our global network we bring together the best professionals for every job anywhere in the world. Thanks to our standard integrated processes your point of sale will be up and running in no time. The project teams are coordinated by one single point of contact who will work with you throughout the process to make sure everything is exactly how you want it to be – or even better.

We deliver unforgettable in-store experiences for our clients’ customers. Our large portfolio of installations ranges from short-term Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) to full-programme management of large-scale shop-in-shop roll-outs.

One stop that gets you on track at top speed.



Our integrated network of local partners means we keep cost to a minimum while improving efficiency and response times.

We provide all goods and services from a single source – starting with the site survey and up to your very own bespoke shop furniture, designed by experts and made with your choice of quality materials to suit your budget.

We also manage large international shop-in-shop launches with local project teams at each site, all under one umbrella in Göttingen, Germany.


Passionate Teams


We are passionate about our work and your retail installation project. Our quality experience with high-end consumer electronics, fashion, and health and beauty brands is the foundation for your success. Keep in touch with your project on our cloud-based reporting platform and benefit from our expertise to achieve your goals.

Passionate Teams

For our network of local partners we select experienced professionals with sound references in their local community. In our WRS Retail Academy we empower our highly skilled partners with regular knowledge transfer from within the global WRS network.


We manage all our projects and all our teams on one digital platform. Every aspect of your retail installation project is reported to our cloud-based system. You can access all the relevant data at any time – so you can take decisions independently.


We work with flat hierarchies and short reporting chains. All communication is digitally managed on our platform and can be followed from anywhere in the world. We liaise with you to keep you in the loop so you always have someone to give you a quick answer.

Global Reach

Our network is comprehensive and growing. We are currently serving customers in over 80 countries around the globe with experienced shopfitting experts from just next door. Thanks to our digital platform approach you can keep on top of your installation sites round the clock, 365 days a year. Time zones don’t matter anymore.


Our Retail Shopfitting Services

Point of Sale Flow.AI

All our processes are managed on a cloud-based platform that uses AI to automate and make essential maintenance and other services available 24/7. We offer maintenance and service portals tailored to specific needs and using customers’ corporate design. These portals establish a direct link with the contractor in order to start a service ticket. The platform also features a map showing each POS within the project, and is available on any type of mobile device.

Retail Site Survey and Auditing

Detailed and correct information about the situation on the ground is an essential basis for making the right decisions from the start. We survey and assess the site for you, and provide photo documentation. Then we generate sketches and CAD drawings of the proposed scheme. We can even create a 3D representation of the final design which shows precise dimensions and positioning of the various elements in virtual reality. We are your second pair of eyes.

Shop Design and Concept Services

We know how important it is for in-store displays to be just perfect. We work with you to deliver a solution that lets your product shine. As early as the first steps in the planning phase, our augmented and virtual reality features show you how your finished POS will look. You can preview and optimise your customers’ experience right from the start and make sure they will never want to leave.

Display and Furniture Manufacturing

Bespoke shop furniture sets you apart. We work with a network of specialist shop furniture manufacturers who can handle any materials (wood, metal, acrylic and Corian®) and volumes for smaller displays, shop in shop installations or entire store concepts. The complexity, design, size and arrangement of your fittings can be adapted to suit your budget. We offer excellent value for money across the board and can react flexibly to changing circumstances and needs.

Warehousing and Transport

Our own global logistics and storage facilities can receive incoming goods and handle storage, shipping and distribution. So we can access and monitor your items at any time of day or night and pick them for each individual site. Thanks to our state-of-the-art RF scanners and our real time reporting system you will always know where everything is. We partner with the best global freight service companies to offer you the most comprehensive solution at the most competitive price.

Shop fit-out

We fit out your complete store from floor to ceiling, from laminate to light fittings. No shop is too big or too small. With our experience of projects up to 5,000 sqm, we can give you the whole package at just the right time and the right price. We discuss your needs and present you with a choice of options covering initial storage, manufacturer selection, initial inspection, transportation to your site, room preparation including plastering, painting and joinery work, and final fixture and furniture installation. Then we select one of our local teams for your project and set up centralised project management and communications. We love a challenge and are used to unusual sites such as airports and cruise ships – of course always providing the same high quality. World of Retail Services is your reliable partner on the ground.

Shop in Shop Installation

When it comes to shop in shop installation our service is unbeatable, because this is our core business. We give you everything, from shelving or in-store displays in your corporate colour up to a complete shop in shop to your precise design requirements. We carry out any necessary electrical and decorating work as well as partitioning, adjusting and polishing every element until it is just right. We also dismantle and dispose of any existing fixtures and furniture before starting work on the new installation.

Display Installation

Perfectly presented in-store displays are vital to attracting your target group, and we specialise in creating unforgettable shopping experiences for your customers. Our teams have built displays of all shapes and sizes for some of Worlds largest brands and retailers, and are there to help with any retail installation project you need. You can rely on us to implement your installation project seamlessly, providing an unrivalled retail environment for your products.

Real Time Reporting

Real time reporting is an integral part of our digital intelligence, and it allows customers and stakeholders to track the progress of current activities. But there is much more to it than that. Reporting not only documents roll-outs, installations and maintenance work. It provides essential details about the current condition of the POS – which products are on display, the design version of the POS and its location, and if the technical installations are working well. And there are many other aspects that can be customised to your needs, including the return on investment of individual POS. The reporting tool can be used on any platform and device and includes images, videos, checklists, a map showing all POS and their individual status.


We put your products in the spotlight, arranging them on your in-store displays either in the shop itself or in our warehouse. This allows you to reuse your displays over several product generations, variants or alternative products – which saves money and resources and is kind to the planet. If the display can be put together off-site, we go one step further and offer the job to workshops that are run as part of social projects.

Beauty Merchandising

Beauty merchandising is a specialist area where we have real expertise. In-store displays for health and beauty products have to show the entire range on offer in a particularly appealing way that is easy to use and customer friendly. Our installers have the necessary eye for detail and level of skill to make the design a reality. Quick and discreet seasonal updates can be carried out while the store is open. Our in-store installations enable rapid re-stocking which is trouble free and convenient.

Consumer Electronics Merchandising

This is concerned with the presentation of consumer electronics. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are particularly challenging, as
customers need to be able to handle them, while at the same time they must be protected against theft. We not only install the display
surface, but also the power network needed to bring the products to life. Our technicians can install demo content and software so the
customer can get a real feel for the devices. And of course they can connect them to any of the usual anti-theft alarm systems.

Technical and Electrical Installation

We offer electrical installations tailored to the requirements in retail, and take relevant national rules, regulations and certifications into account. We do everything that is needed inside the building, configure and provide suitable cabling and connection points, and of course test and commission the final system. Technical installation includes installation, verification and commissioning of data transfer equipment and housings, in other words network cabling, data cabinets and racks, and also CCTV and audio systems. We specialise in sensor systems which allow analysis of purchasing patterns and even customer-specific interaction based on digital sales assistants that present targeted content right at the POS – either based on behaviour or on specific customer groups. Of course all documented in our real time reporting system.

Shop Lighting Installation

Shop lighting installation is part of our electrical installation service and our specially trained fitters do more than simply fix lamps to the ceiling. We handle all kinds of lighting – installed according to your specific requirements and plans, and also directed to the best effect. Well-known international lighting elements can be provided wherever you need them. And naturally we can also supply lamps customised to your own design – all within your budget.

Rollout and Project Management

We manage the rollout of your retail store at any number of locations in more than 80 countries around the world. Together with you we make a plan and deliver a retail environment that is ready to use on launch day. Our rollout includes all post-manufacturing processes, all from one source. Thanks to our global network we can scale up rapidly, for example covering hundreds POS for Christmas marketing campaigns, or ensuring simultaneous product rollout at more than 800 customer sites on a single day based on your marketing activities and schedule.

Graphic Installation

No matter what kind of graphic or print elements you wish to use, we’ll take care of it. From smaller advertising banners in your shop window to complete film covering of the entire window during remodelling work. Our local teams save you time and money and as always you only have one point of contact who will manage all your needs. We also manage campaign launches at multiple sites overnight so all your shops can show their fresh face in the morning.

Maintenance Services

We offer quick and reliable maintenance services for all the installations in your stores. Even after project completion, we are your partner for both planned maintenance and sudden emergencies. Regular checks are essential if your POS is to stay as fresh as on the very first day. We visit you at agreed intervals so we spot any potential problems before they can take hold. We are faster than the rest and if we find any minor damage, we will correct it directly on site. In the case of more major issues, we will organise rapid action based on our extensive repair network, our digital intelligence and our automated processes. We offer special web-based service platforms and program them individually for our customers. And to keep the waiting time to repair as short as possible, you can also stock a selection of frequently needed spare parts in our warehouse.

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