Retail Maintenance Services

Is your Point of Sale ready to roll?

Don’t let the wheels come off. A point of sale has to be in tip top condition in order to inspire confidence in your brand and your products. Our World of Retail post-installation services cover both the reactive and preventive sides of maintenance. We recommend maintenance intervals based on how much traffic goes through your POS, shop-in-shop or store, and we provide all the services you need – from preventive periodic POS maintenance to rapid-response repairs.

Customised service portals mean that your POS operator can open a service ticket immediately a fault is detected. Together with you we develop working procedures to ensure your POS is back on the road in no time. You can even specify situations where we respond automatically without the need for direct input from you or your operator, for example if a fault has occurred that creates a safety hazard within your POS or store.

Retail maintenance is one of our core competences. Thanks to our network, a reliable local partner is on hand whenever you need planned preventive retail maintenance, regular servicing or urgent repairs. We are in and out before you know it, leaving everything like new.

Maintenance in Detail

We are ThE FastEST

We offer retail maintenance, POS maintenance, preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance, reactive maintenance and also rapid response when urgent repairs are needed.

Electric Maintenance

Electrical safety is key for your customers and your business. We offer both periodic maintenance and rapid response to deal with unforeseen electrical faults.

Furniture Maintenance

We keep it nice and shiny. POS maintenance is essential to keep things looking fresh and ensure your POS is in perfect condition – long after opening day.

Product Maintenance

Display items are there to be used, so they can soon show signs of wear. Product maintenance from us means the articles your customers experience are always like new.

Digital Retail Maintenance

We cover everything from regular software updates to maintenance, servicing and repair of checkouts, self-service terminals and digital signage in your retail installation.


Solve IT DigitaLLY

Sometimes you just need an instant response. That is where our cloud-based platform comes in.

Direct POS Contact

This tool gives your POS operator or store manager a direct line to maintenance and repair services that suddenly become necessary in the course of daily business. Just open a ticket and we will be there for you.

Digital POS Database

You can store any POS information you need on our database, from maintenance planning through display status and even whole planograms down to product stock information. The functionality of the digital database can be adapted to your preferences and needs – all at your fingertips.

Fast communication

Every aspect of your maintenance requirements is reported to and stored in our cloud and can be accessed in real time by all who need to know. You can also define specific scenarios where we come unprompted and restore your POS to operational condition.

Available 24/7/365

All our processes are managed on the platform and we use artificial intelligence to automate and make essential maintenance and other services available 24/7. Our maintenance technicians are fast and discreet – it’s done before you know it.

WRS Service Ticket Portal


Retail Maintenance Services in Detail

Customized Service Plattform

We have a digital solution for getting your POS up and running again as fast as possible. You can upload your service manuals, open and close tickets for our local maintenance partners, and document past or upcoming maintenance on our Retail Service Portal. The portal can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Reactive Maintenance

Our local experts respond quickly to repair requests from your POS. Damage to furniture or display items (smartphones, laptops, etc.), and also electrical supply problems, are rectified so that the POS can do what it does best: present your products in the best light.

Periodic Maintenance

Prevention is better and more cost effective than cure. Thanks to our experience, we can help you establish efficient maintenance intervals that make sure your POS remains like new without unnecessary expense. We come in as often as needed, but we don’t waste your time.

Product Updates

Our local teams can implement seasonal product campaigns overnight at hundreds of sites. We can also replace existing products with updated versions at the point of sale, in step with your product launches and marketing campaigns.

Emergency Maintenance

The fastest of them all. Trip hazards, glass breakage, water damage and electrical faults all need immediate attention. When a problem becomes a safety hazard, we act instantly. You can rely on us to be there when you need us most.

For Solutions?

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Tell us what you need, we are just a phone call away. From a single display to complete retail installations at multiple sites throughout the world – we are here to help.

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