Fast & Efficient

Electrical Installation

in Retail Environments

Electrical supply and distribution keep the lights on in your shop. We at World of Retail Services have experience with medium and low-voltage systems tailored to the special needs of the retail environment – from 30 to 3,000 sqm. Electrical work can only be undertaken by specialist installers who are certified to local regulations. Our expert electricians can handle refurbishment projects and also installations in new builds and historical buildings. 

Mood lighting and music make for an inviting atmosphere in your shop. We supply and install lighting and audio systems, and also CCTV equipment. This can be used for shop surveillance and customer analysis in terms of footfall and time of day, demographics, and even mood of the shoppers.

Thanks to our WRS network of local electricians all over the world, we can assure reliable maintenance services and the most rapid response if urgent repairs are needed. We are always near at hand, saving you time and money.


WRS Electric installation in Detail

Electrical Installations

Starting from the main distribution point in the building, your primary sales area and auxiliary spaces are supplied with power using optimised cable trays and channels routed to fit in with your planning. Subsequently, light fittings, sockets and other consumers are installed, and of course we are happy to work with plans provided by your engineering or technical department or consultancy. We supply complete documentation, including wiring diagrams and proof of final inspection prior to commissioning – all in line with local regulations and applicable international standards, such as IEC 60364-6:2016 (Low-voltage installations).

Audio- and Sound Systems

We install audio systems from your preferred brands and manufacturers – professionally and according to your plans. Our expertise covers both wired and wireless and active and passive audio systems. The systems can also be linked to cloud players that transmit centrally managed content. There are no limits to the size of shopfloor that we can handle.

Video Installation (analysis and surveillance equipment)

Our technicians can install, set and adjust CCTV equipment from a manufacturer of your choice. We coordinate with your technical or security department. The equipment can be used for both surveillance and analysis, and this involves special requirements for the installation. Such systems can collect comprehensive data regarding customer movements, volumes, demographics and mood, and can even be used to ensure compliance with limits on visitor numbers.

Periodic Inspection and Testing

Electrical inspection and testing are essential in order to ensure the safety of customers and protect your premises. This is carried out based on recognised protocols and standards. Any necessary evidence is provided in accordance with local rules and regulations. Of course we will advise you on the necessary procedures and timeframes.

Local Network Wiring

We install and extend your data network wiring to suit the needs of your business. Using specialist measuring devices and equipment, we are able to test data networks to demonstrate and document the required speed and quality. In order to be ready for the smart systems of the future and even the Internet of Things, provision of structured networks should be taken into account as a vital element in new builds and remodelling projects. These include surveillance, analysis and sensor and feedback systems.

Lighting Survey and Planning

Lighting, its function and effect in the space, its character and its planning, is a vital element in your shop design. Positioning the right elements in the right places ensures that the light fulfils its many roles to maximum effect, looking great and saving energy. Instead of simply installing a few random lamps, we develop an overall lighting concept together with you that brings your idea of function, quality and design to life. From small shop-in-shop displays to entire stores.

Shop Lighting Installation

Even the best planning is only as good as its practical implementation. Our teams of specially trained installers use their fine understanding of lighting effects to get the most out your investment and truly present your products in the best light. We promise to bring your lighting concept to life. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of lighting methodology and elements we can meet any challenge and rapidly find a solution.

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