WRS Shop Design and Concept Services

A new world around your product

Our great POS designs raise you above the competition and inspire your customers to visit more often and buy more of your products. The shop layout and design play a decisive role in identifying your brand, and help your customers to fully explore and enjoy what you have to offer.

In the area of shop design and concept services WRS works with carefully chosen designers and architects who are specialist in your sector. This creates an experience for your customers which invites them to return to your point of sale again and again.

Our integrated approach delivers top service and innovation in the retail environment. Tried and tested practices as well as the latest trends are at the heart of what we do – creating retail as a service, retail as an experience and retail as an inspiration. When it comes to business, merchandising and brand development, our focus is on your objectives. We apply our expertise to achieving creative POS design, taking all factors into account that help to maximise customer loyalty whilst minimising overall operating costs.

Our retail design always offers the perfect point of sale solution for all products and sectors – not just for today, but also for the future. We set the scene for your products, whether small articles such as stationery and cosmetics or more substantial items like 80-inch television screens and fridge freezers.

The virtues of bricks and Mortar

Get Closerto yourCustomer

Nothing is as good as holding and feeling the actual product.
And building a physical point of sale can be far less costly and complicated than you think.

Get Real

In our ever more abstract world of technology, customers increasingly appreciate the physical presence of people and products and a real place to go to. A shop is still the place where customers can explore and experience products to the full. An attractive and imaginative design forms the basis of every successful shop concept. It is also decisive for brand perception and even extends online, in social-media posts, blogs and events.

Face to Face

Excellent service, provided by real people with a focus on customer satisfaction, is what makes the difference between in-store and online retail. A good shop assistant will offer understanding on an emotional level, take the customer’s insecurities seriously and help in making the right decision. Good store design makes these services visible, curates product worlds and thus supports the customer service process. Targeted use of new technologies is an integral part of this, as is a well thought out concept for design and communication.

All the Senses

A brick and mortar shop is more than simply a place for shopping. It is the place where a brand can be experienced as a whole. It offers more than just counters and shelves, and plays a vital part in the relationship with your customers. Flagship stores in particular offer a stage where brands can move forward, trying out and experimenting with new ideas and services. They are important meeting points which can host regular events or be used as a social and professional platform. For it is only through the use of a consistent and authentic concept that your brands can achieve lasting success with your customers.

World of Retail Services - Closer to your customer
Work process

Step by step

We offer a bespoke holistic shop fitting package. Leave your retail installation project in our capable hands – it is up to you how much you want to be involved. All of our services are also available individually at whatever stage you need us in your process.

1. Analysis

Is the first step. Together, we explore your brand strategy and identify your requirements and objectives for the new store. In this phase we:

  • establish the path for the entire retail installation project and the theme and concept of the design based on your brand intention and objectives,
  • survey the conditions on site and gather an in-depth understanding of your current processes, products and services in the case of an existing store,
  • discuss your ideas and goals for this point of sale and analyse similar installations in your sector of the market,
  • consider the mood which is intended for the shop in our design proposals, and use it as an inspiration when moving forward.

2. Initial Design

This is when we fine tune the designs for your point of sale until you are absolutely satisfied.

  • Your brand strategy serves as a guiding principle when it comes to selecting colours and materials.
  • We are always one step ahead and show you the effect of individual design choices on the overall shop.
  • Our realistic 3D visualisation techniques allow you to experience your finished shop long before the first nail goes into the wall.
  • At this point, we can also give you a first indication of the time and cost required to realise the project.
  • Your brand statements take on shape and now already become a visible customer experience.

3. Detailed Design

Once we have developed an overall design proposal, we implement all your desired changes, before working out the final details such as

  • details and dimensions for all fixtures and fittings
  • drafting of room plans
  • identifying which elements have to be procured externally
  • details of the colour and materials scheme
  • lighting plans
  • integration of digital surfaces into the room, planning of wiring and connections
  • development of the shop communications scheme
  • drafting of templates
  • compilation of planning documents for the implementation

4. Manufacturing and Implementing

At this stage, we send inquiries to our manufacturing partners. Your fixtures and fittings can be manufactured to order by our hand-picked partners or provided by your preferred supplier. Normally, we would now build a prototype of your shop before we roll out the installation to all your points of sale. This offers the opportunity for

  • planning time and cost schedules in detail
  • supervision of the selected manufacturer
  • cost and product optimisation with the manufacturer
  • initial sign-off of the prototype shop
  • improvements and cost optimisation on the basis of the prototype analysis
  • supervision of the first production run

Further WRS Services

What's next?

Just completed the design phase together with World of Retail Services? Or have you developed your own shop design concept? Then we are eager to learn about your project and offer you the services you need to get it on the road.

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