World of Retail Services
is already prequalified

World of Retail Services is prequalified with the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The German Chambers keep a database of service and other providers who have demonstrated their competence and suitability for the market to the Chambers and their client advisory services.

This saves time and money for potential customers, as companies included in the database have already proven their expertise and reliability. As we are included in the database, you can be sure you will receive excellent service and that we meet the formal requirements for suitability when participating in contracts. This gives us a strong legal position and means that our offers can easily included into bidding procedures.

Regular Reviews

Be on the safe side

Our prequalification provides a strong legal basis for our cooperation. Entry in an official directory of companies grants us a secure legal position, as our suitability is presumed. This presumption of suitability is valid both in Germany and in other EU member states.

Approval to carry out our trade

Our clients can be sure that we as participant or bidder in the tender process have presented proof of our entry in the German trade register and are recognised as competent in our field.

Sound financial basis

This prequalification provides reassurance to our clients with regard to our financial position. As participant or bidder in the tender process, we have the financial resources necessary to fulfil your contract.

Technical and professional competence

When it comes to technical and professional competence, we meet the most stringent requirements. And we have the technical means and the personnel, and also the experience, needed to carry out your order at the highest level of quality. In order to achieve the certification, we have proven our technical expertise, efficiency, experience and reliability.

PQ-VOL Zertifikat World of Retail Services
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